Welcome to song publisher Justin Wilde's, Christmas And Holiday Music & Songcastle Music, the definitive sources for new Christmas songs, Chanukah / Hanukkah songs, Halloween songs, Thanksgiving songs and other holiday songs. This BUSINESS TO BUSINESS webpage is strictly for use by songwriters seeking a music publisher who specializes in holiday music.

Attention Songwriters

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We are music publishers. If you are seeking a company to publish your holiday songs, we're the best place for your material to be.

As the definitive source for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Halloween music in the industry, we have supplied holiday songs for such artists as Barbra Streisand, Barbara Mandrell, Anne Murray, Anita Baker, Vince Gill, Toby Keith, Johnny Mathis, Tanya Tucker, Melissa Manchester, Jack Jones, Glen Campbell, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and numerous others. We accept all unsolicited material twelve months a year. To submit songs, please use the following guidelines.


1. Although our primary focus is Christmas, with a secondary focus on Hanukkah and Halloween, we also accept songs for other holidays.

2. You may send up to five songs at a time. We prefer a CD, but a cassette is also acceptable. Simple demos (piano/vocal or guitar/vocal) are fine unless you are submitting an up-tempo song which requires a more elaborate track to get the music across. We'd rather hear the basic song to evaluate the quality of the lyric and melody before you invest money in an expensive demo.

3. For the sake of the environment, include all songs on the same CD or tape. Do not submit separate CDs or tapes for each song.

4. Please include a lyric sheet for each title. Do not send leadsheets. We prefer to see the lyric in stanza form as if it were a poem. That way it's easier for us to scan and to make notes on it for critiquing purposes.

5. If you want your tapes and lyric sheets returned, you must include a self-addressed envelope, with the correct return postage, or your tapes will be discarded. Sorry, but because of the time involved in trips to the post office, etc. we do not return any materials sent from outside the United States.

6. Flag the outside of your envelope near your return address with "Web Site Submission".

7. Send via First Class mail only. "Registered", "Certified" or Express mail services requiring signatures are annoying when we are in the studio and we will not accept them.


1. Do not call the office ! ... either before submitting or after to follow up. If these instructions are not specific enough for you, we probably can't help you.

All tapes are screened within 2-3 days of receipt. If we are interested, we will call you immediately. If we think your song has potential, but needs re-writing, if there is enough room on your cassette (we suggest you use at least a C-30) we'll give you an audio critique with suggested changes. If there's no recorded message on your returned cassette, apparently we saw no potential in your material for our needs. We get over 1,000 songs a year and only sign about 20-25 annually.

2. Do not send "instrumentals" of "original" songs. All songs must have lyrics attached. We can not find you a lyricist.

3. Likewise, do not send song lyrics without melodies attached.

4. Do not send us material unless 100% of the publishing is available from all writers on the copyright. We do not do split publishing deals.

5. Do not send photos, press kits, or other promotional materials. The tape and lyric sheet are all that count. A short cover letter is acceptable. Send to:

Justin Wilde
Christmas and Holiday Music / Songcastle Music
24351 Grass Street
Lake Forest, CA 92630-5245

PH: 949-859-1615

We look forward to receiving your CD or tape. Until then .. Happy Holidays from Mr. Christmas.