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Justin Wilde
Christmas and Holiday Music / Songcastle Music
24351 Grass St.,
Lake Forest, CA 92630-5245

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* = Broadcast quality track also available for license

A CHRISTMAS WISH* - Joyful Children's Mid-Tempo

A DAY LIKE CHRISTMAS* - A spiritually moving ballad in the classic tradition. All styles

AFTER ALL IT'S CHRISTMAS* - Mid-tempo Pop/Rock or alternative

A LITTLE OLD MAN IS COMING TO TOWN - A charming children's song

ALL O' THAT CHRISTMAS JAZZ* - The coolest Christmas tune for a 3 piece Jazz trio. (Mel Torme meets Joe Williams!)

A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME* - Absolutely exquisit Christmas ballad in 3/4 or 12/8. On par with the greatest standards, and adaptable to most formats. A true "gem"

ANGEL ON TOP OF THE TREE* - Gentle alternative/Pop, with a very strong melody and lyric.

THE ANIMALS ARE CELEBRATING* - Quirky Children's song

ARE YOU COMING HOME* - Alternative Rock

A SWINGIN' CHRISTMAS - Perfect Country "Texas Swing", Big Band Swing, or Jazz Swing

THE BEST GIFT (That Could Ever Be)* - Jazz ballad about you baby's first Christmas

BETHLEHEM, PA* - Country/Rock ballad about a trucker on Christmas Eve

BIG BAD SNOWMAN - Fun, quirky, novelty tune for kids or adults like Lyle Lovett or Randy Newman

BIG RIG CHRISTMAS TREE* - Bob Wills styled up-tempo country swing

CATCH THAT CHRISTMAS SPIRIT* - Medium to Up-tempo 60's / 70's Soul

CAUGHT UP IN CHRISTMAS* - Piano driven, mid-tempo rock with a touch of gospel, a la Delbert McClinton. Very cool!

CHILDREN OF GOD* - Acoustic Folk, Pop or Country ballad with a message

CHRISTMAS AIN'T LIKE IT USED TO BE* - One of the best Christmas Blues tunes you'll ever hear

CHRISTMAS CALLING* - Raucous Up-tempo a la Aerosmith or Bluesy Black Eyed Peas

CHRISTMAS COMES ON EIGHTEEN WHEELS* - A trucker's Christmas song with a Swing feel a la George Strait

CHRISTMAS DAY BLUE - A bluesy torch ballad in a 40's Frank Sinatra / Billie Holiday style

CHRISTMAS DOWN IN DIXIE - The classiest "Swing Ballad" either side of the Mason Dixon

CHRISTMAS HEAR THE BELLS* - A haunting folk melody in a minor key

CHRISTMAS IN MY HEART* - All styles; An anthem about peace and humanity, with the most exquisite lyric you've heard in years. Guaranteed to give you "goosebumps"

CHRISTMAS IN RIO Extremely cool Latin Jazz. Instantly humable melody

CHRISTMAS IN THE ISLANDS Fun, up-tempo, Calypso tune with extremely intelligent lyric.

CHRISTMAS IS FINALLY HERE A Joyously rollicking, 6/8 up tempo "opener" in the vein of Andy Williams' "Most Wonderful Time Of The Year".

CHRISTMAS IS HERE AGAIN* Joyous Mid-Tempo Pop that will have you dancing in the isles. The 21st Century answer to "Sleigh Ride". Ideal for R&B Pop/ or Teen Pop a la Britney Spears. Instantly humable

CHRISTMAS LADY* - Gentle Jazz Ballad

CHRISTMAS LOVE* - Alternative or folk, female vocal

CHRISTMAS STOCKING BLUES* - Mid-Up-Tempo hard blues, with a great hook line

CHRISTMAS TIME IS GETTING OUTTA HAND* - Up-tempo, kickin' country

CHRISTMAS WINGS* - Extremely poignant ballad inspired by the regrets of a pilot whose mother died on December 25, 1995. This song is dedicated to those who also mourn on Christmas Day

CITY CHRISTMAS* - Fun, up-tempo, retro 60's ish. Great to dance to!

COLOR HIM LOVE* - Classic Country ballad in a Brenda Lee vein

COME ON EVERYBODY IT'S CHRISTMAS* - Up-Tempo Beatleesque Party Song

COMFORT AND JOY* - Religious Blues Rock with a vocal in the vein of Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin

COWBOY CHRISTMAS TREE - Up-tempo Western swing tune

DA FUNKY SC* - "G" Rated Christmas Rap

DANG IT, I'M VIXEN* - Extremely funny country tune about a very bitter Vixen, who has had it with Rudolph getting all the attention

DEAR SANTA (Bring Me A Brand New Dream Machine)* - Infectious 30's/40's jug band style country. Tons of fun, toe tapping mid-tempo

EVERYTHING I NEED* - Wonderful lyric about discovering the needs of others. Works Country, Alternative, Rock, etc. Extremely poignant lyric and instantly humable melody.

FIDGETY, DIDGETY MOUSE)* - Concert piece (half spoken word/half sung) by a narrator with complete symphonic arrangement. Track and orchestra charts also available for Pops concerts. Perfect for singers or actors like Kelsey Grammer or Bill Cosby

THE FIRST CHRISTMAS MORN* - Haunting, contemporary carol with an exquisite lyric

FIRST DAY OF THE SON* - Hip Christmas with a Reggae feel. Great for soloist or groups

FOREVER EVERGREEN* - Soaringly beautiful. Goosebump time! Ideal for a Pop or Classical artist, and perfect as an opening or closing theme for a Christmas movie. Hear it and you'll be spellbound.

THE GIFT* - Andrew Lloyd Weber meets Bon Jovi. Poignant story ballad for a serious rock or R&B artist such as Bon Jovi or Sting. Very subtle Christmas references

GIVE THANKS* - Poignant, folk Pop ballad, ideal for Christmas or Thankgiving. Very Spiritual.

GO BACK TO BETHLEHEM - Religious themed Country Rock or Americana.

GOD BLESS US ALL* - Mid Tempo Contemporary Christian Pop inspired by the 9/11 tragedy.

GOD'S GIFT* - Infectious, makes you want to get up and dance, Gospel. Great opener or finale. Guaranteed to knock your socks off! Great for solo artist or choir. A show stopper

GOD'S SWEET LULLABY - A gentle lullaby, appropriate for Christmas or Non-Seasonal uses. Religous or secular, all styles

HAPPY HOLIDAY MUSIC* - Bouncy mid-tempo for kids or adults.

HAULIN' MISTLETOE* - Up-Tempo, tongue in cheek Trucker Christmas tune

HAWAIIAN CHRISTMAS MAGIC - Hawaiian ballad with an exceptional lyric

HEART OF MY CHRISTMAS* - Female alternative or folk

HEAVENLY CHOIRS* - Great for adult lead vocal with Children's Choir back ups & harmonies

HEAVEN SENT* - A Whitney Houston type soaring Pop ballad with an instantly memorable melody.

HE'S SANTA CLAUS* - Smokin' 50's / 60's Rock & Roll a la Chuck Berry

HE WAS A GENTLE MAN* - A smooth ballad that works Pop, R&B, or Country, a la The Eagles. The story of how Joseph stuck by Mary's side, no matter what.

HIS GIFT* - A Cappella 21st Century "Spiritual". Very dramatic and spiritual.

HOLIDAY TIME IS NEAR* - A ballad that works Pop, Country or R&B. Same as above

HOME (When Shadows Fall)* - This timeless standard ballad has been recorded by over 30 name act artists over 5 decades, including such superstars as Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, Sam Cook, Slim Whitman, Gerry Mulligan, and too many more to name. It debuted on Thanksgiving Eve, 1931 and has been used as both a seasonal and non-seasonal hit throughout the 30's thru the 60's

HOORAY FOR CHRISTMAS - Rousing, uptempo opening number. Great for groups or solos

HOW CAN I COMFORT YOU* - Reverent, poetic, acostic alternative, but very adaptable to country. Minimalist, but extremely intelligent. Perfect for guitar vocal only

IF ALL I HAD IS YOU THIS CHRISTMAS* - Light & Jazzy Pop a la Nora Jones or James Taylor

IF CHRIST HAD NOT BEEN BORN - Traditional Country. Great for staight-ahead bluegrass.

IF EVERYDAY WAS CHRISTMAS 'ROUND THE WORLD - Country ballad with a heartfelt holiday call for peace around the world. Great for solo or groups

I'M A PRESENT* - As cool as jazz can get. A la Peggy Lee's "Fever" Male or Female Cast

I'M GETTING SLEEPY SANTA CLAUS* - Country/Folk/Pop in a Dan Fogelberg vein

I NEED CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR* - Exquisite traditional ballad in the "Chestnuts" vein. Instantly humable melody with a masterly crafted lyric. A true "standard" melody.

INNOCENCE OF YOUTH* - Mid-Tempo Teen Pop with a bittersweet Christmas lyric about lost innocence. Ideal for Boybands/Girlbands.

INSIDE THIS HOME - Contemporary acoustic carol in a Simon & Garfunkel/Dan Fogelberg vein.

ISLAND CHRISTMAS* - Mid Tempo with a great Carribean beat

IS THERE ROOM IN YOUR SLEIGH* - Mid-Tempo ballad with an exceptional story line. Great for Country, Folk, Alternative male or female acts.

IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE MISTLETOE* - A great solo and an even better duet! Barbara Mandrell released the first version in 1984. Vikki Carr released the second version in 1992, Kathie Lee Gifford recorded it for 1993, and Barbra Streisand released it in 2001. Beautifully romantic, with excellent imagery - As adaptable to all musical styles as "White Christmas". Over five million copies sold to date

IT'S ABOUT A BOY* - Mid-Tempo about the true message of Christmas. Works Pop, Alternative, Country. Haunting melody.

(It's A Hap Hap Happy) CHRISTMAS TIME OF THE YEAR - Extremely "hooky" shuffle/stum. Great for adult vocalists or kid's choir.

IT'S A MAGICAL TIME OF THE YEAR - Gentle holiday waltz for kids

IT'S A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR* - Rousing up-tempo Jazz Waltz. Great opening number

IT'S CHRISTMAS - Extremely contemporary feel, Mid-Tempo Pop/Rock or R&B/Pop. Great solo or perfect for Boy or Girl Groups.

IT'S CHRISTMAS, (Yes Christmas)* - AABA structured ballad, filled with lush chord progressions. Written in the style of the classic "evergreen" holiday hits

IT'S SNOWING* - Joyous up-tempo for kids or adults.

IT'S THE HOLIDAYS* - Up-tempo, in the vein of Everclear and Sugar Ray

IT'S "YOU CAN'T PUT THE KEYS IN YOUR POCKET WITH YOUR GLOVES ON " TIME* - Novelty a la "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

IT WAS ON A CHRISTMAS MORNING* - Mid-Tempo, traditional Celtic traditional track with guitar, whistle, strongs pipes and bodhran

KICKIN' ON CHRISTMAS* - Great Blues tune about kickin' smoking during the holidays

LIKE THIS CHRISTMAS TREE - A warm, "family oriented" Mid-Tempo country ballad

THE LOVING ARMS OF CHRISTMAS* - Hip ballad for acoustic rock or progressive country

MAMA SHOT SANTA WITH A SALAD SHOOTER - Novelty a la Grandma Got Runover

MARCH OF THE CHRISTMAS CHILDREN - A children's march a la "Little Drummer Boy"

MERRY CHRISTMAS* - Anthem like ballad; great for children's sing-a-long

MERRY CHRISTMAS* - Joyous mid-tempo shuffle for kids.

MISSIN' MY BABY (On This Lonely Christmas Day)* - Blues/Pop with a swing feel

MR. CHRISTMAS* - Very contemporary Pop Ballad with an instantly humable melody. Works across Pop, A&R, Teen, and CHR formats

MR. CHRISTMAS* - Up-tempo, kickin' country

MR. SANTA CLAUS* - An absolute knock out, toe tapping, finger snapping, destined to be classic. It works Pop, Country, R&B ... you name it! Perfect for Randy Newman and Lyle Lovett to Julie Andrews. Castable across the board, and quite frankly, the cutest Christmas song you've heard in years

MY BRIGHT STAR IN THE NIGHT* - Extremely poignant Pop ballad about a person's first Christmas after the loss of a loved one

MY TREASURE HUNT* - G-Rated Christmas Rap

NEXT STOP IS CHRISTMAS* - High energy, Up-Tempo Retro Pop a la "Happy Days". Makes a great opening number or dance tune.

ONCE AGAIN IT IS CHRISTMAS* - Country ballad about Childhood memories

ONE BLUE CHRISTMAS* - Kickin' Up-Tempo Country a la Brooks & Dunn

ONE MORE TRUCK STOP CHRISTMAS* - Mid-Tempo trucker Christmas tune

THE ONLY GIFT WE WANT (IS YOU)* - Extremely poignant ballad about coming home for the holidays. Guaranteed to put a lump in your throat. Stellar!

ON NEW YEAR'S EVE* - Dance / Party hardly with a New Year's Eve Lyric

ON THIS CHRISTMAS NIGHT* - Alternative with a strong female vocal a la Sarah McLachlan

OPERATOR (Please Give Me Santa Claus)* - Extremely clever and comical, in the vein of "When I'm Sixty-Five"

OUR CHRISTMAS TREE OF LIFE* - Ballad celebrating milestones in a Family's life

PAPA NOEL* - The hippest, most soulful and happenin' Cajun Christmas song you ever did hear!

PENNIES AND NICKELS AND QUARTERS AND DIMES* - Wonderful story song about the spirit of giving a la Billy Joel or Garth Brooks. Works acostic, rock or country

THE PERFECT GIFT* - One of the most moving Country Christmas Story Songs you'll ever hear. A re-telling of O'Henry's "The Gift of the Magi" destined to be a sure fire "classic". A true work of art

RAINBOW CHRISTMAS DAY* - Very authentic island tune, with steel drums, with both English and also Tongon lyric.

ROLLIN' HOME FOR CHRISTMAS* - A Trucker's Country Christmas Song - Up-Tempo

SANTA BRING ME A DINOSAUR - Extremely clever children's tune, sung by an adult

SANTA CLAUS AND HIS REINDEER (Are Coming To Town)* - Rock and Roll

SANTA CLAUS BOOGIE* - Mid-Tempo Blues/Rock, complete with Horns

SANTA CLAUS IS JUST A GOOD OL' BOY* - A clever country novelty piece for kids. Great for "clogging" and unlimited video potential for a humorous, dressed up countrified Santa

SANTA CLAUS HAS THE BLAHS - Reggae with a cynical twist - A Dysfunctional Christmas

SANTA CLAUS ON DE COCONUT TREE* - Santa crash lands in the islands. A fun novelty tune set to a Carribean beat. Great for kids or adults

SANTA MAN* - Sixties Rock & Roll with a blues edge a la Tom Jones or Brooks & Dunn. Great for a blues act, male or female

SANTA, PLEASE STOP HERE - Great country story song a la Kenny Rogers.

SANTA SAMBA* - A Christmas Samba a la Gloria Estefan

SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER - Delightful, lighthearted Mid to Up-Tempo Broadway style kid's tune in the feel and vein of "We Need A Little Christmas".

THE SEVENTH STREET SHELTER* - Extremely well crafted "Eaglesque" story song. Works rock or country

SHENANDOAH CHRISTMAS* - Country with a folk edge a la Mary Chapin Carpenter

SHINE ON (The Shepherd's Tale)* - Mid-Tempo Folk

SINGIN' ON A SLEIGH RIDE* - Mid-Tempo Acoustic Pop a la Kenny Loggins

SLEEP, LITTLE ONE - Seasonal or Non-Seasonal lullaby

SOMEONE'S CLONING SANTA - A very clever Blues tune. Santa's everywhere!

SNOWBOUND IN OUR TOWN* - Rollicking, up-tempo, the ultimate Christmas party song a la the Beach Boys, Phil Spector and the Go-Go's. It's solid dance beat, wall of vocal harmonies is reminiscent of The Rembrandt's "Friends" TV theme song.

SONG OF THE INNKEEPER - Majestic story song in a Broadway style. Also perfect for a classical artist

TAKE THIS SANTA SUIT AND SHOVE IT* - Half spoken, half sung

THANK GOD FOR CHRISTMAS DAY* - Alternative, male vocal

THAT'S WHERE YOU'LL FIND CHRISTMAS* - Acoustic Pop or Country or even R&B

THAT TIME OF YEAR* - Rockish a la 3 Doors Down "Love Me When I'm Gone"

THROUGH THE EYE OF THE CAMEL* - Spoken word story song about the camels who brought the three wise men to the Christ Child. A showpiece for the right artist

TONIGHT IS NEW YEAR'S EVE* - Smokey, jazzy, ballad. Picture an after hours bar a few hours after the stoke of midnight.

TRUCKERS NEED CHRISTMAS TOO* - Mid-Tempo trucker in totally trucker idiom

UNDER ONE ROOF* - Extremely moving ballad describing every mother's holiday wish … to have all of her family gathered together "Under One Roof".

WARM WINTER'S EVE IN DECEMBER - Story song about Mary & Joseph. Alternative, Country or Folk. Gordon Lightfoot meets Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson


WE'LL HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS* - Up-Tempo Teen Pop for Boy and Girl Groups

WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME* - Adaptable to all styles, with a "standard" melody

WHAT MADE THE BABY CRY* - An Amy Grant type Christmas song with a gentle religious theme and a wonderful lyric, guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Perfect for Pop, Country or R&B acts

WHAT WAS SANTA THINKIN'?* - Driving Mid-Tempo Rock & Roll, with a very intelligent and well crafted lyric.

WHEN IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME* - Mid tempo shuffle. Great for kids

WHEN MARY'S SON WAS BORN - Soulful, bluesy, gospel/folk spiritual

WHEREVER YOU GO - Female Alternative Pop/Folk a la Sarah McLachlin or Joni Mitchell

WISE MEN SEEK HIM STILL* - Exquisit lyric and melody. Works Pop a la Janis Ian / Trisha Yearwood / James Taylor, or country a la Randy Travis, John Michael / Reba / Shania

WISE MEN SURELY SEEK HIM (The Three Wise Men)* - This semi-classical / Broadway "tour de force" is not only a perfect male or female solo, but also an ideal vehicle for a Trio of Tenors or Baritones. Imagine Andrea Bocelli, Russel Watson and Josh Grobin meet John Williams. Inspiringly majestic. A six minute showstopping finale or encore. Guaranteed to cause goosebumps!

WOULD I LOVE YOU BE ENOUGH* - Male vocal - Acostic Alternative described as Prairie Folk Pop in a John Mayer, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Simon vein

YOU GIVE ME LOVE* - Very romantic R&B/Pop solo or duet.

YOU NEVER KNOW (When You Might Wake Up Dead)* - An alternative/folk work of art, inspired by Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol". In the vein of Jim Croce. Male or female cast.

YOUR GIFT OF LOVE* - Mid-Tempo Contemporary R&B ballad a la Boyz To Men


YOU TOOK THE MERRY ... * - Ballad a la Sinatra or Harry Connick, Jr.

YOU'VE JUST MISSED CHRISTMAS* - Sumptuous, soaring melody with a lyric reminding us about the true meaning of Christmas. Ballad and Mid tempo Jazz Waltz masters available.

YOU WOULD HAVE LOVED THIS* - So poignant and moving, it will make you cry. A la Celine Dion or Judy Collins' "Send In The Clowns". A real "artistic" piece

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